UPDATE MARCH 24th 2020

Following An Taoiseach’s address today requiring non essential retailers to close, WE WILL REMAIN OPEN in order to provide essential services to our patients, including food, medication and emergencies.

If you require anything, PLEASE CALL AHEAD so that we can accommodate you without breaching personal distancing. If you suspect that you may have coronavirus or have been exposed, please do not attend but ask somebody to attend or collect food or medication for you.

Payment can be made over the phone and items left outside for collection.

Remember: Please ring ahead to make an appointment or collect food or meds, rather than just showing up.

Please try to arrive with just one adult per pet. We know that this isn’t always possible, but try your best!
Disinfect your hands on arrival.
Keep 2 metres distance from other people.
To minimise handling cash, we will take payments by card as much as possible. We can do this without you needing to touch the card machine.

If you want to stock up on medications or food please ring ahead. If we need to order in stock we’ll need 1-2 working days notice.

Thanks for your understanding and remember: PETS ARE NOT AT RISK FOR CATCHING OR SPREADING CORONAVIRUS.

We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

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