What is an emergency?

You need to contact Riverforest Vets for an emergency appointment if: (in no particular order)

  • Your pet is bloated and is trying to vomit (Gastric Dilation and Volvulus)
  • Blocked cat – your cat is unsuccessfully straining to urinate.
  • Your pet has difficulty breathing.
  • Your pet is continuously fitting (Status Epilepticus).
  • Fracture – your pet has a suspected broken bone.
  • They have collapsed.
  • Your pet has profuse bleeding.
  • Flystrike – your rabbit has a maggot/fly infestation of a wound.
  • You suspect your pet has been poisoned.
  • Your pet has been hit by a car.
  • They have severe watery/bloody diarrhoea.
  • Your pet is unconscious.
  • They are in severe pain.
  • The are having whelping/kittening problems.
  • A surgical wound has opened up.

Generally, if you are worried about your pet, then feel free to call for some advice. If it isn’t urgent, then please phone during surgery hours.

If it is after hours click on the link below:

Very friendly staff. They really take great care of your pet. Steve is very helpful, gives lots of great advice. Highly recommended !


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