Congratulations on the arrival of your new kitten


Should be carried out from the age of 2 weeks and then every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old, and then monthly until the age of 6 months using either granules sprinkled over food, or paste given directly into the mouth, or Milbemax kitten tablets.

At the age of 6 months an adult wormer tablet can be given, which should be administered every 3 months.

Preventative Flea Treatment

Frontline spray can be used from 2 days old and Frontline Spot On from 10 weeks. Cats should be re-treated every 6 weeks with Spot On, or every 2 months with the spray.
Dietary Needs

A ‘complete’ kitten food is recommended, but it is important that if a change of diet has to be made it is a gradual one. Many health problems can result from feeding a unsuitable diet, therefore please feel free to discuss you kitten’s dietary needs with us.


Castration for males and spaying for females is recommend at the age of 6 months. For either operation your cat can be “dropped off” with us in the morning, and can be collected in the evening. For spays a follow up consultation will be required 10 days after the operation for removal of the stitches.


So that your pet will be able to be identified should he ever become lost or injured, we can insert a tiny microchip under the skin on the neck. This is encoded with a number unique to your pet. We highly recommend this procedure, as we have reunited many pets and owners using this system.

Very friendly staff. They really take great care of your pet. Steve is very helpful, gives lots of great advice. Highly recommended !


The place to go for the best care for your pets, not just a number – personal touch and loving interest in each animal. Steve and his crew are always ready to take care of our pets whenever the need arises.

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