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Meet our dedicated team

Dr Steve Hallahan MVB

Veterinary Surgeon & Director

Steve has over 20 years of experience as a veterinary surgeon, having worked in such diverse places as Beaufield Vets in Celbridge as well as the Department of Small Animal Surgery in University College Dublin.

Having seen how other practices are run, Steve decided to set up Riverforest Vets in 2010 with the aim of putting patients and their owners – rather than the vets or other staff – first.
Our philosophy is “We love your pets like you do” and we strive at every visit to make you feel that way and to make your pet as happy and healthy as they can be.

Steve has 3 pets: a Collie cross called Badger, a tabby cat called Trevor (who has an eating disorder) and a Turkish Blue cat called Turk, all of whom are in the practice every day to meet and greet clients and patients!

Steve likes to spend his time off rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing.

Ms. Eimear Finlay

Veterinary Surgeon

Eimear has spent most of her life working with animals, both large and small. She joined the team at Riverforest Vets over 4 years ago and has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and good cheer to the practice.

Eimear works most days until 2pm and is often the first voice you’ll hear when you ring; her speciality is making people and pets feel at ease before they face the vet.

They say that tortoiseshells are the redheads of the cat world – is it any wonder that Eimear has 2 torties – Ava and Simba?! Captain, the family dog, is kept in line by the cats.

Dr. Carol Ann Harte MVB

Veterinary Surgeon

Carol Ann has worked as a small animal vet in and around Dublin for over 10 years. She currently splits her time between Riverforest Vets and another practice closer to home.

Carol Ann visits the US regularly to learn the about the latest developments in small animal medicine and surgery and shares her knowledge with us here at Riverforest Vets, so that we’re always ahead of the curve in being able to offer the best treatments for your pets.

In her spare time Carol Ann is a voracious reader and loves keeping fit.

Ms. Claire Maxwell RVN

Veterinary Nurse

Our Head Veterinary Nurse, Claire, joined Riverforest Vets in 2014, shortly after completing her nursing degree at UCD.

She has worked in veterinary practice for over 9 years and has always had a love for animals. Claire has two dogs, an 8 year old wire haired terrier called Benji who she rescued in Leitrim and a 3 year old Jack Russell called Lily who she rescued while working in Riverforest Vets.

Some of our clients may know Lily from the clinic as she comes to work every day with Claire and spends most of her time greeting clients as they come through the door!

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