As we all worry about our immunity and order our Vit D online, please be mindful of a latest spate of poisonings that as vets we are seeing!

Here is the latest from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service –

We have recently seen an increase in the number of cases where exposure in pets has been from packets and packages posted through the letterbox. A major risk in such cases is the ingestion of medications and/or supplements.
A common example, especially in these winter months, is Vitamin D. These products – especially prescribed preparations – pose great risk to dogs, who are very sensitive to some compounds of vitamin D.

Certain varieties (found mainly in psoriasis creams) only require very small quantities to be ingested to cause significant toxicity in dogs.

If there is a dog in the house, we would advise using a cage on the letterbox to prevent pets from accessing postal deliveries.

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